Working with Fibromyalgia


One of the most common things I get asked is how do I work with fibromyalgia?
Well, it is not easy, I have found that I need to be doing something, be active (no not exercising!!), I do get really bad days but I also get some ok days. There are times when I say why am I doing this? Then remember the days I stay in bed or don't move much I am much much worse.   Working all day does mean that when I go home I am not able to do much, and I find it difficult to go out in the evenings.

It is all about listening to you, listening to your body, saying ok, today I will get out of bed and be pleased with yourself for achieving that.  It is so easy for us to feel guilty because we are unable to tidy the house, cook for our family, we feel as if we are letting the family or others down.  We are not.  We need to let our family and others know how we feel how they can help, what we need.